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Stucco over cinder block retaining walls, how thick to apply stucco cement blocks










Stucco over a cinder block retaining walls, how thick to apply the stucco over cement blocks.
How thick to install stucco over my on cinder block retaining walls?

Howdy folks, many folks, email me and ask, hey Kirk, how thick to apply or install stucco or plaster on block walls?
And what is the ratio for the stucco?

As a rule, we add 3 parts sand every one part cement plaster.
My friends, If you find that mix won’t adhere and you’re dropping too much stucco, don’t get frustrated. Add much less sand. This will make it stickier and grip the wall ten times better.
I’ve struggled many times with stucco with too much sand that simply would not stick to the block wall unless I stained my but off throwing, don’t do that, Less sand and be happy.
See the video below.

If this does not explain what you’re trying to learn, below are a few more videos of stucco being applied to block walls. Improve The Look of block walls with stucco. stucco over concrete walls to remove form board lines. Improve the look of concrete block wall with stucco. improve the look of your brick walls, Green-Core cement. Stucco acrylic going old cementitious stucco finish.

All you need when plastering over block walls is one coat, not two. It’s called a skim coat of at least 1/2 or more.
What happens if you apply less than one-half-inch? Again, nothing, except when the wall is wet, you may see the grout lines.
If you’re unsure of your new stucco thickness on Brick walls or Cinder block, concrete block walls add more stucco until you feel it’s thick enough.
When it rains, the thickness matters to avoid seeing the grout lines.
Apply or layer at least 1/2, and you can’t go wrong.
Not sure how much 1/2 is again; add a bit more.

With the majority of our videos, the title is the tip of the iceberg; the content of the videos hopefully explains what one wants to understand the meaning of.

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