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Fixing wrong ugly or lousy stucco patches, Skimming two patches under windows










Fixing wrong ugly or lousy stucco patches, Skimming two patches under windows.
Stucco Skimming two patches under windows, re-texturing ugly wrong or bad finishes or textures.
stucco re-texturing ugly wrong or bad finishes or textures

Howdy, all, in this video, we’re showing you how to remove stucco then re-texturing ugly, wrong, or bad finishes.

It all takes practice learning to re-plaster poor or wrong finishes and textures that don’t match the existing wall.
Yes, that’s right, we were considered real plasterers.

First, we removed the old stucco as it was ugly as sin.

Once that was done, it was time to clean it up, apply a bonding agent, use some mesh tape around the perimeter crack, and then apply a coat of finish stucco to match the existing stucco close as possible.
No problem, if you know how to do it.

The caulking I applied in the hole is called Sika flex. It’s an adhesive sealant and incredibly strong.
Just don’t get any of that caulking on you as it’s tough to remove as it’s a polyurethane caulking.
It’s so strong a few drops will hold bricks together.
That’s mighty strong to be alright.

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