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Is risking your life working off ladders jacks worth it?










Is risking your life working off ladders jacks worth it?
In this scary video, I’m curious about your opinion, Is risking your life in the plastering trade worth it?

I’ve been plastering windows off ladders and jack my whole career.
These days I advise folks to set some scaffold for safety’s sake.

We were plastering off ladders jacks that were shaky as heck.
How to apply stucco off ladders jacks around newly installed windows.

Is it safe to work off ladder jacks? If you’re experienced, have great reflexes, aren’t afraid of height’s and have a harness, you can defiantly live longer and better if something goes wrong.

We got to this job expecting scaffold to be set up, oh well. My son, Jason, noticed how unstable these ladders were and fortunately added a few ropes to anchor them down firmly for us both. Jason is a rock climber too, who claimed the half dome at Yosemite.

His work with ropes allowed me to apply the stucco around these newly installed windows without too much fear.

Yes, it’s legal to work off ladder and ladder jacks; however, scaffolding is a lot safer.

LOL, Jason is also a plasterer. I should have sent him up to plaster this window, except I don’t know how to use the camera, and I dislike mixing stucco but love applying stucco.

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