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Quick fix stucco caulking tips










Quick fix stucco caulking tips.

Howdy, all we were getting ready to leave this job when the homeowner asked about these cracks and informed us the guys who did the ones in the rear were awful as the caulking showed big time after it was painted. I said not only will we caulk them properly, but we’ll do it for free.
Just to inform you viewers that if you have a crack, caulk in the crack only, and do not leave a bunch of caulking on the surface and around the crack or it will be an eyesore.
How bad was the caulking in the rear, we noticed them big time but didn’t want to sound negative to the owner, who had already been beaten up by the fella who did that crummy caulking.

We used Mor-flexx caulking it has sand in it, so realistically you are paying big dough for sand.
We’ve used thousands of tubes and feel the results outweigh the cost.

Where to get it? Sasha Mor-flex from

Textured like mortar – stretches like rubber. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it works. Forget the concrete powder, mix bucket, and big trowel. No, we don’t work for these guys, nor make money from them.

Tip, remember the old “magic glove trick” It’s kinda like the ole Magical Whiskers knowledeg thing.
What’s the magical whiskers philosophy you say? Click below for stucco wisdom far beyond measurement in money.
Like Samson’s hair and the importance of beards which gives some, mind strength, but only for the chosen few.

Why bother caulking cracks? The rain will penetrate and start the damage in motion, enough said.

Good morning Cool Beans, the cut at the tip depends on the crack, sometimes for tiny ones, I slice it close to the tip, always at an angle. For large cracks, I cut it closer to the bottom so that a lot comes out or what’s needed to fill a bigger crack. I don’t want too much excess on the wall, but just in the crack. Caulking cracks in stucco walls and chimneys

Folks, we are located in Oakland, CA.
FYI, folks, here are all the basic tools we use and recommend on Amazon’s website.
Live long and plaster hats, shirts, and other cool stuff.
Kirk Giordano Plastering Inc.

Send pictures to Jay or myself at our sites below for immediate bids. Kirk’s website. Jason’s Website.

Cheers, and Happy Holidays from the Giordano Family.

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Kirk & Jason Giordano

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