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Mixing Quikrete stucco or mortar in 5-gallon buckets










Mixing Quikrete stucco or mortar in 5-gallon buckets.
Mixing stucco or mortar in 5-gallon buckets
Howdy, guys and gals. This video explains how to mix Quikrete one coat of cement plaster with a drill in a bucket.
Not really rocket science, but like most same-day materials, don’t over mix.
Mixing ratios for stucco in five-gallon buckets with a drill, sand, and cement.
Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m showing how we mix stucco in 5-gallon buckets in this mixing stucco video. How many ways are there to mix stucco or plaster in a bucket? Endless.

Have I ever screwed mixing stucco in a bucket? No, as it can’t be done? Why? Excellent question.
As if it’s too soupy, I add either sand or cement. If it’s too stiff, I add more water.
If it’s too sandy, I add more cement plaster.

One can’t screw up mixing stucco in a five-gallon bucket.

How much sand? We mix with the sand three times to every part of cement plaster.
What happens if the ratio is not perfect? Nothing, that just means the balance is not correct. Plastering/Drywall trowel. Stucco/plaster Trowel. Green sponge plastering float. Two-handled plastering Darby. Plasterer’s Scarifier.

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Next, kick back, relax, and enjoy the video!
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