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Stucco Acrylic windows stucco and paint on the same day










Stucco Acrylic windows stucco and paint on the same day.
Rapid Set Stucco Patch and Paint the same day, Same day Plastering and Painting with this stucco.
Stucco and paint same day, or within two hours.
This includes any patches or holes or newly installed windows doors, etc.

Hello our faithful subscribers, most of you know that anything is stuccoed.
Most manufacturers don’t recommend painting stucco before this 28 day cure time. Why? This cure or wait time allows the new plaster, which has a high pH level like around 13, to hydrate, then drop to about a pH level of approximately 8-9.

Stucco will quickly attain a pH in the range of 8-9 if adequately hydrated. “You can hydrate with your garden hose.”

FYI, You should always prime your bare stucco before applying a finished coat of paint.
Okay, some might think, so what happens if you paint the same day? Is the stucco going to explode? Not really, but new paint can blister or not adhere very well.
Now you know.

As the title suggests, you can apply “Rapid Set Stucco,” stucco, and paint within two hours. This is a significant advantage to some folks.

In this video, as the property manager wanted to rent the place out the next day, he wanted the walls to look good. No one wants an eyesore for any new tenants to see construction progress, so I recommended the “Rapid set Stucco.” which we use in this video.
The bags say you can paint in a couple hours after applications.

“Rapid set stucco” Is sold at HD and lowes, plus many other hardware stores, “Rapid set stucco” is sold in 10 or 25-pound boxes for homeowners’ convenience or more significant amounts in 50 to 94-pound bags. This is a user-friendly product.
What’s that mean? Since the sand and the accelerator are already in the bags.
You just add water. How easy is that?
All the same day, cement plasters don’t over mix for three to 5 minutes.

Overmixing compromises the strength with all the same-day plasters.
So don’t get crazy with mixing.

Next, kick back, relax, and enjoy the video!
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