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How to Plaster Interior Ceilings with Wooden Lath










How to Plaster Interior Ceilings with Wooden Lath.
Interior plaster walls or ceilings Remove and repair them.

Hello everyone, the owners of this home asked me to look at some pictures he e-mailed me online and suggest a fix for the plaster ceiling, which had a chunk of plaster fall off, causing dents in the hardwood floor.
(Good thing no one was standing under the falling plaster.)
I suggested removing the entire plaster ceiling and re-plastering it.
This we did use a quick set plaster.
When doing a project such as this, a lot of time is involved in setting up and covering.
We covered the floors then brought in 4 scaffolds A-frames. We then set 5 twelve-foot planks on the scaffold to set this ceiling up properly. To try it off a ladder would take 3 times as much time to achieve the same results. Plus, it would make for a very physical process.

Howdy, my friend, I have used structo-lite for over 40 years for schools, hospitals, and other things. I could have used it for the base coat. However, Structo-lite takes between 3 to 6 hours to set. Thus, I chose a twenty-minute Drywall or Sheetrock compound. What is a Drywall compound? It’s just tapping mud with accelerators that allow the applicator to select the time or speed it sets. I prefer 20-minute mud personally. There are many ways to skin a cat.

A few more interior repairs are below. Enjoy. is refinishing sheetrock with lime plastering kitchen walls. Lime Veneer Plasters to finish sheetrock. plaster interior ceilings with wooden white coating lime plastering, veneer plastering. structo-lite base-coat, interior plaster ceilings.

These compounds come in 20-pound bags of dry powder. Yes, you have to mix with a drill in clean buckets “it’s a bit of a drag” however the premixed sheetrock compound takes forever to set and requires many coats. Joint Compounds, Westpac Fast Set, or USG Easy Sand in this video: 2:26 I show the two types of gypsums, Westpac and easy sand.
You can purchase either of these ( USG Easy Sand Joint Compound or Westpac’s Fast Set Joint Compounds) all the professional plastering yards like Westside building materials and at most hardware stores, including, of course, the two giants Home Depot and Lowe’s.

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