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Fixing a Plumbing Hole in a Stucco Wall










Fixing a Plumbing Hole in a Stucco Wall
How to repair a plumbing hole in a stucco wall.
In this video, I explain fixing a plumbing hole in a stucco wall where the folks had some plumbing repairs made.

Note: the plumber who did the repair did a fine job fixing the plumbing pipes but left guys like us a mess to put back together.
He should have broken from stud to stud and left the piece of wood he cut through.
Note the methods for fixing a plumbing hole in a stucco wall are the same as any other type of hole in a stucco wall.

We could have simply nailed the wood bak in place and waterproofed the areas, added some stucco netting, and applied the stucco for this stucco repair. However, he took the cut wood with him, making my job difficult but nothing we could not handle.
If you folks are going to have stucco plumbing repairs, it’s best to tell the plumber, repair the leak, and re-attach the wood where they found it; thus, if you stucco it back yourself, It would be much easier.

We are using Eisenwall cement hydraulic plaster. This cement hydraulic cement plaster is only sold at the Plastering yards to find one—Google plastering yards near me.
We take the 94-pound sack of hydraulic cement plaster and mix it three times the sand to the hydraulic cement.

Eisenwall also manufactures a DIY or homeowner-friendly product called “Rapid set Stucco.”
It’s sold at HD and lowes plus all other hardware stores, “Rapid set stucco” is sold in 10 or 25-pound boxes or larger amounts in 50 to 94-pound bags. This is a user-friendly product.
What that means, the sand is already in the bags. You just add water.
Like all the same day cement plasters, don’t over mix, three to 5 minutes.
Why? Because overmixing compromises the strength with all the same-day plasters.

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