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Deteriorating or spalling concrete fixed with stucco, repair spalling concrete










Deteriorating or spalling concrete fixed with stucco, repair spalling concrete.
Hello, all interested in my personal opinion on why this happened. No, I’m not an engineer. Far from it, I’m simply a stucco applicator/contractor.
However, I understand enough about plastering and stucco, as do most engineers, regarding the do’s, don’ts, whys, and hows.

Say, for example, this building is over 100 years old. I can look and see that a high ratio of Portland cement plaster was used with very little lime, so when strong movement occurs as it’s normal.
Such as week, let alone a month of rain, this block-long original warehouse building will lift a hair then settle, cars, trucks, windows, and doors slamming, wind and natural ground movement also create normal activity thus will cause cracking, now when rainwater penetrates then freezes this action known as spalling pops off chunks of concrete exposing rebar which will in turn rust quickly. Thus the act of deterioration begins.

If they had added extra lime, this building would possibly not be in this condition? Lime flexes more, but the pros don’t overpower the cons. Set time.
There are reasons that the structures from the Greeks and Roman ages still stand today after sometimes more than 5,000 years ago they were built.

Lime is life, and lime is healthy.
Building with a lime-based binder lasts forever instead of a cement-based binder or glue used in stucco and concrete.
As lime takes a long time to set, we live and have always lived in a world where speed dominates.
This typical spalling in this video is no one’s fault. I’m just reading between the lines.
Lastly, although I informed my educated opinion about why this spalling was happening to the owner, he decided how to repair it.
To repair deteriorating concrete, one should understand why it deteriorates.

In this video, my son Jason Giordano videoed it and mixed all the mud and went up and down the ladder all day fetching me mud while I did the easy work in just applying it to this plus 7 other columns. This job was 30 feet off the ground and scared the piss out of me working so close to a long way down.

Next, kick back, relax, and enjoy the video!
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