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FYI, homeowners, this video shows how I re-surfaced the top of this concrete. I used Poly Bond. However, there is a simplified version from Home Depot and or Lowes.

The material I used is not sold at either of these stores but only plastering yards as it is precisely engineered to attach styrofoam to base coated walls.
Thus I recommend you purchase the Quickrete for your repairs.
Also, folks can google concrete resurfacing products, which can be purchased at HD and or Lowes.

Will this be a permanent fix? Of course not.
It’s best folks pay the one or two thousand to cut out the new Rebar set with Dobies as enforcement and repast with concrete.
However, not all folk have the cash to do this. So I changed 300 dollars for this temporary fix, which who knows may last a lifetime, but doubtful.
Resurfacing Concrete

Resurfacing Concrete with Poly Bond cementitious bonding agent, Refinishing concrete sinking sidewalks

In this how-to video, I ask, Is your concrete sidewalk sinking? I’m prepping with Poly Bond to resurface and then level What is La Habra’s Poly-bond? It’s an adhesive cementitious product.
I’m explaining how I am resurfacing Concrete with La Habra’s Poly Bond.
The first fix I did was about 30 years prior.

For you folks, I’d recommend the more user-friendly, Sakrete gray self-leveler or Quikrete Self-Leveling Concrete Resurfacer, or Rapid Set Concrete Leveler. These resurfacing adhesive levelers are easier and much more user-friendly and can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowes, and many other hardware stores.

I’m familiar with their product’s longevity and excellent history of quality. All can be purchased at either HD and or Lowes.

However, I don’t recommend the Poly Bond system I used in this video to use this resurfacing system. This is because the materials needed can’t be found except at the plastering yards, plus there is slaking involved. Also, motor oils and grease are difficult to pressure wash off dust, dirt, or moss on stucco walls.

What I did and why in this video
I pressure washing with a force of 3,000 to 3,500 psi minimum works fine it micro scores or etches the surface of the concrete.
Only gas pressure washers put out this pressure. They are easy to move and handle eclectic toy ones that won’t work.
For more force, buy a turbo tip. Turbo tips cost about 50 bucks but are worth every penny. They add to the power needed to etch or score below the surface.
I prefer La Habra’s “Poly Bond” for flat surfaces that may be walked or driven over.
Polybond is only sold at professional plastering yards. It’s a cementitious adhesive bonder designed to attach styrofoam to porous surfaces on a building.

How strong is professional Poly Bond, with the possibly thousands of pounds of styrofoam coated with cement attached on the tops of buildings or homes, whether 5 or 10 stories high, us contractors can’t afford the elements such as wind and rain blowing them off for fear they may do some serious damage to whatever they land on?
With Poly bond, there is slacking involved.

If you are afraid to place your food on that newly cleaned surface before troweling on Poly Bond, it’s not clean enough.
Nothing, not even the strongest caulking, will adhere to a flat surface that will be walked on. Therefore, expert and or professionally learned skills are required.

On a wall, it’s not so important; however, when folks are walking on it, this is vibrations and needs extra care.
Vibration the finish coats, especially on flat surfaces such as a driveway, are like kryptonite to superman, not good.

Plus, the material I used is not sold at either of these stores but only plastering yards as it is specifically engineered to attach styrofoam to base coated walls.

FYI, the most common question I receive from this video is why the surface is not wet?
This always makes me smile when one asks this.

In the picture, the machine almost in front of me is a gas-powered pressure washer.
I explained in the video that I just pressure washed this area before we shot this video.

Just because an area does not show it’s dripping wet, that’s okay, as that does not mean it’s still not damp.

I prefer my working areas not dripping with moisture as that’s counterproductive for a proper mechanical stucco bond. Plus, Poly bond is an adhesive cement plaster.

Keep in mind, folks, during the making of this video, I mentioned this is my preferred way to correct ugly cement, sinking, cracking, and just plain beat-up looking concrete.

For me, it was easy as this is what I do for a living.

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