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stucco over concrete retaining walls










stucco over concrete retaining walls

Hello ladies and gentlemen, we were called out to spread stucco over this concrete retaining wall to remove all the form board lines and other perfections in this video.

We spread a hydraulic cement plaster called Eisenwall cement plaster as we wanted to give the color of tan to these exterior walls.

I’m am explaining the thickness necessary so that when it rains and saturates the walls, almost all of the imperfections in this concrete wall will no longer be visible.

If you’re going to paint your new stuccoed concrete or CMU block walls, then no worries about the thickness as if there are wet. If painted, the grout line or form boards like what we had in this concrete wall will not bleed or ghost through.

Also, there’s no need to attach any metal lath of any kind to this concrete, Bricks, CMU block, cinderblocks, or any other porous sub straight.

For example, red bricks are porous. When it rains, they darken when wet as they absorb the rainwater, then when dryer condition returns, the brick drys once more to its natural color. Stucco adheres best to really clean porous substrates like concrete walls by what’s called a mechanical bond, that’s where two substrates, one existing cement retaining wall as in this video is moist or wet, by a garden hose and the new stucco, which is also and naturally wet aboard into one, this is proven by the test to time to be the strongest bond known to man.
Even stronger bonding than a wedding of people, fortunately, or unfortunately.
With a mechanical bond to cementitious porous substrates, nothing can separate them.
I’m talking strong, not as strong as a parent’s love for their kids, but a close second.

FYI, both stucco and concrete are made with portland cement one has sand in it the other rocks. So guess which one contains the rocks?
Here’s a tip.
If you’re on our site, type in “How to stucco foundations walls” or similar titles on our channel. We have about 20 video’s on the subject of Eisenwall hydraulic cement plaster.

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