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Stucco a brick chimney patch, Stucco over brick walls or chimneys










Stucco a brick chimney patch, Stucco over brick walls or chimneys.
how to stucco over brick walls or chimneys.
Hello ladies and gentlemen, we show you how to stucco over brick walls or chimneys.

We show the best method for installing Stucco over any brick wall,
Note; no stucco wire is necessary. In fact, stucco netting is counterproductive.

I’m giving some tips on resurfacing bricks with Stucco in this video.

Scratch coats are not necessary for any porous walls, including, as in this video, bricks, Cinder blocks, Cement Blocks, Terra Cotta walls, or any other cementitious substrate.

Keep in mind a Scratch Coat is 3/8 of an inch thick, whereas a Skim-coat is at least one-half inch or more. So how think can you apply?
From one eighth to 6 inches a little bit at a time if you apply 6 inches like in this video below? So we are indeed using 6 inches. Repair a concrete foundation with Stucco. Apply six inches of Stucco.

If going to Stucco over bricks or cement blocks and applying less than 1/2 inch, what happens?
Excellent question, glad you asked.Nothing.

Except when it rains, you will possibly notice the grout lines.
Also, there’s no need to attach any metal lath of any kind to Bricks, cinder or concrete blocks or concrete, or any other porous foundations. This is a fact!

If someone says differently, they’re somewhat wrong unless special circumstances are involved. I have had special occasions twice in forty years out of hundreds of resurfacing brick and concrete block walls.

The homeowner agreed to pressure wash this area so that our new Stucco would adhere permanently to a clean surface, thus achieving what we plasterers call a mechanical bond, stronger than if one were to attach any type of stucco nettings such as 17 or 18 gage stucco settings or any metal 3.4 mesh netting.

I purchased and spread Eisenwall made by rapid set because the owner asked for the strongest cement plaster available. Eisenwall is a hydraulic cement plaster that adds the right amount of sand and water, and it begins to set.

“Rapid set stucco” is sold in 10 or 25-pound boxes or larger amounts in 50 to 94-pound bags. This is a user-friendly product.
What that means, the sand is already in the bags. You just add water.
All the same day, cement plasters don’t over mix for three to 5 minutes.

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