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Santa Barbara Smooth stucco sample, Smooth stucco finishes just a sample










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Santa Barbara Smooth stucco. Just a sample finish!
Please click on. to view a smooth stucco finish with simple instructions, not just a sample like this video.

Howdy, guys and gals, I get asked many questions about smooth coat stucco.
This video hopefully answers some of the questions.
My main smooth coat stucco question is
can we apply a smooth stucco over a rough texture stucco? Yes!
But you have to skim it first. If you have a heavy finish.

Smooth Finish Stucco and hairline spider cracking: I don’t advise smooth stucco finishes.
Why do the two smooth coats of any exterior stucco finishes usually crack?
They are applied with portland cement finish stucco.
If you apply fiberglass mesh netting to the entire home, the stucco finish may still hairline or get spider-checking with the first rain or damp weather. why smooth stucco cracks almost 98 percent of the time.
I receive at least 6 emails per week with complaints from homeowners that “this company” applied a smooth stucco finish to my home.
My stucco walls all have spider checking throughout the entire home?

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Thank you all for watching, and wishing all a beautiful day!

Santa Barbara Smooth stucco sample.
Smooth stucco finishes just a sample.

Kirk & Jason Giordano
Kirk & Jason Giordano

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