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Skip trowel plaster finishing, plaster textures, stucco finishes










Skip trowel plaster finishing, plaster textures, stucco finishes
Exterior color coat instructions, step by step video of how to apply textures or finishes.

Howdy folks, on this wall I explain How, and why to apply a skip trowel finish to a home while applying a new color coat finish. I’ll start by saying a new finish will rid the home of obvious flaws in the stucco such as bad patches around newly installed window, doors or additions that don’t match the existing finish. Their also maintenance free for the life of the finish, sure it may fade in about 30 to 60 years or moss may grow on it in constant damp climates.
I have seen homes where they first applied color finishes around 1926 when La Habra fist started selling color coats and these homes are even more impressive with an aged look to them.
Unfortunately, when you paint over bad stucco patches it usually doesn’t hide the bad patchwork, but instead the paint enhances them. A color finish may cost more than a painted finish but you have to paint every 10 years with a paint job, with a color coat finish you don’t have to, unless you get tired of a color, even then I tell folks live with it. Once you paint a maintenance free finish it now becomes a maintenance issue. We have enough to maintain with our bodies let alone a color on the body of our home.

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Skip trowel plaster finishing, plaster textures, stucco finishes
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how to apply a color skip trowel finish, color coat instructions,
Step by step video of how to Apply Skip trowel plaster finish, color coating stucco, color coating installations, Skip trowel plaster finishing

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