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Smooth stucco over block wall and stairs










Smooth stucco over block wall and stairs,
Match a 100-year-old chimney

Hello our faithful subscribers, In this video, we were asked if we could match a chimnies color and finish, which was about 100 years old?

I looked at it and said we could come as close as the next guy, if not closer.
I explained the chimney’s age and finish and why it looks as it does after close to 100 seasons of sun and rain.

That’s genuine old-school plastering that was applied on the chimney.

I explained there are a few stuccoes manufactures that make white stucco such as, “Hansons Lehigh, white stucco,”
I wanted stucco stronger than that. So I chose “Eisenwall hydraulic stucco,” which is about three times stronger than the other white stucco mix.
Naturally, it costs about 4 times more per bag. FYI, “Eisenwall cement plaster” is only sold at professional plastering yards, such as “Westside building material” in Oakland and surrounding cities.
If interested, Google, “plastering yards near me.”

Whats happens when you mix a white stucco then add brown sand?
You get a tan color. Does this stucco finish need to be painted? No.
Why not? It’s cementitious, like a brick.
However, a person can paint it if they want.

If you do decide to paint, welcome painting maintenance, which is usually needed every ten years.

For example, the chimney in this video was close to 100 years old and was never painted, nor does it now need painting, nor will it in 50 to hundreds of more years. Unless one gets tired of the color.

However, if you choose to paint a colored cementitious finish like a brick, be aware most homes, walls, fences, decks, whatever, usually require maintenance every ten years.
Meaning you have to paint again. Surly that time and cost can be used for a holiday instead of maintenance.🥂

Lastly, no metal mesh or stucco netting is necessary for the stucco to adhere to the concrete blocks. In fact, attaching stucco netting would be counterproductive.
Nor is a bonding agent like “Weld Crete or Quikrete” necessary as the wall was pressure washed or micro scored or etched by me with more than 3,500 PSI water pressure to allow for the suction required to adhere the new stucco permanently to the blocks.
Just like the stucco was applied to the block chimney.

Now you know.

I have more videos in the description on going over concrete, bricks, or block walls.
It’s all the same, clean the wall well, with what I term micro etching or scoring with a powerful pressure washer.
Then if at least a half-inch of any stucco is applied, the grout lines won’t show when it gets rained or wet.
However, if that newly stucco wall is to be painted no matter how thin a coat when wet and painted, the grout lines cant show anyway as that once porous wall is now a painted, thus sealed wall. foundations, strongest stucco cement foundations. A Concrete block Retaining Wall, Berkeley, stucco or steel trowel finishing block retaining walls over concrete or cinder blocks matching the home finish My website and contact information Jason’s Website

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