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Step by step stucco applications, Plaster big holes in stucco fast










Step by step stucco applications, Plaster big holes in stucco fast

Howdy folks, the building contractor repaired a leaking pipe in the bathroom inside this plaster home. I was hired to lath and apply two coats of plaster with a finish to match the existing plaster texture.
I used a product called Rapid Set Cement; it’s a High Performance, fast setting Cement. EISENWALL, can be placed in thicknesses from 3/8 in. to 2 inchess in one coat. I don’t recommend anyone other than a licensed certified installer use this product. (That means you have to go through the training seminar for a certification). Although I have seen these product now in home depot which are more user friendly, and they don’t require certifications.
After the stucco had a chance to cure properly, (30 days) the home owner then painted as usual by first applying a primer sealer and then a second coat of paint. He used Kelly Moore elastomeric paint, which is great for all your exterior needs.
Proportions are clearly spelled out in ASTM C 926, Application of Portland Cement-Based Plaster. [] Scratch coats are mixed at 1 part cement to 2-1/4 to 4 parts sand, brown coats are mixed at 1 part cement to 3 to 5 parts sand, We usually mix this ratio but will sometime double the amount of cement if we are applying stucco to ceilings. (Helps the stucco adhere better and faster while hanging upside down)
Step by step stucco applications. Lath and plaster big holes in stucco walls.

Calcium aluminate cement is the technical name of this cement accelerator. We call it luminite. It sells for about 60 bucks for a 94 pound bag. If you’re not a contractor and just need a little bit you are better off buying the rapid set at home depot. This way you’re not paying for a product that you only need a handful of.

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