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Straw-Bale Building Plastering Tips










Straw-Bale Building Plastering Tips.
Breathable Plaster for Straw Bale Building.
In case you wish to view how it’s plastered with Plastic stucco and sand added.
Straw Bale Stucco Construction tips.

My sons Carl and Dan are located in Sonora, CA.
They both understand stucco and most carpentry. Both are young, strong, ambitious, and have integrity instilled into them by a father with morals. Call them for your stucco or plastering needs.

Carl and Dan live in the Tuolumne County area, but if it’s on the map, they go there, In fact, they just did a project in Navato, three hours from their location. FYI, Carl was on the camera filming this video that I was helping on.

Carl’s email is.
Dan’s email is.

Send pictures to Jay or myself at our sites below for immediate bids. Jay and I are in the S.F. Bay Area. Kirk’s website. Jason’s Website.

We make these videos to show those who may want to hire us that we know what we are doing and to be transparent in the applications Via YouTube. Thus, you can depend on us for sound advice and workmanship.

Other uses for Kemset Ekoplast-50 plaster finishes.

These straw bales and similar structures have been around since the beginning of time.
They keep humans safe from freezing rains and cold weather, as well as predators with large teeth and appetites.
The materials change or adapt from cob, which is clay, sand, and straw, to dirt, and yes, Dung, to lime stucco and many other outer skins for waterproofing.

Stray bale homes can’t burn as once covered, there is “No oxygen” for a fire to get or remain started; one just needs to watch the old movie, “Backdraft,” directed by “Ron Howard” in 1991, with Kurt Russel and Robert DeNiro to understand this concept.

And no, rodents such as mice, or rats, can’t live in it as the straw used can’t be used as food.
Actually, mice can live in it as they can live in anything, such as straw, caves, wood, or even steel structures, that have holes in them.
But these critters would still need to come out of hiding to eat edible food, drooped by us untidy humans. I’m sure they love pizza crumbs.

FYI, Kemset Ekoplast 50 is a Lye free plaster;
The phone for sales of Kemset products is 562-285-2790.

Kirk & Jason Giordano
Kirk & Jason Giordano

Master East Bay stucco and plaster contractors

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