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Stucco Application, one coat vs two coat stucco










Stucco Application, one coat vs two coat stucco.
Note, fast set or one-day stucco is applied 3/8 at a time, back to back, not one inch, why? It’s difficult to apply one solid inch as it will sag unless a lot of accelerators are added. If you add a lot of accelerators, you run the risk of a bucket of stucco hardening before it reaches the board to be applied? How many buckets have we lost in 40 years? About five, yes, that’s all. When this happens we flip the bucket and slam it onto the ground and make sand castles, like when we were kids at the beach many years back.

As Jay firms and does most of the work and uploads just the iceberg of our work. His efforts are kind of incognito, he said Dad, the point at around minutes where you got tongue-tied, I can cut that, my response was, leave it, I’m a stucco dude, not a commentator.
Friends, we are located in Oakland, CA.

Here are all the basic tools we use and recommend on Amazon’s website.
Live long and plaster hats, shirts, and other cool stuff.
Kirk Giordano Plastering Inc.

Send pictures to Jay or myself at our sites below for immediate bids. Kirk’s website. Jason’s Website.

We make these videos to show those who may want to hire us, that indeed we do know what we are doing, so much as to be transparent in the applications, Via “YouTube” Thus, all can depend on us for sound advice and workmanship.

Below is how we re-finish homes with maintenance-free colored stucco, which means, you never paint your home again for at least a hundred years, or until you get tired of a certain color. Smooth stucco finish. Install new stucco finish. Stucco sand and skip-trowel finish. Make heavy stucco smooth.

Kirk & Jason Giordano
Kirk & Jason Giordano

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Check out our recommended stucco tools if you plan on doing it yourself!

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