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stucco over brick walls










stucco over brick walls

Hello, folks in this episode. We share some tips for spreading stucco over brick walls or applying stucco over a brick wall. Both terms mean the same thing.
In fact, there are many more.

Note, You do not need to attach any stucco netting to brick walls; in fact, it’s counter productive.

Scatch coats are unnecessary for any cementitious walls, including brick, cinder blocks, CMU, Cement Blocks, Terra Cotta walls, or any cementitious substrates in Nature.
Keep in mind a Scratch Coat is 3/8 of an inch thick, where a Skimcoat is at least one-half inch or more; this measly 1/8 difference makes a big difference.
If going over Cement Blocks, you apply less than 1/2 inch, what happens?
Excellent question, glad you asked; nothing.
Except when it rains, you will possibly notice the grout lines.

Now, kick back, relax, and enjoy the show!

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How to stucco over cement Cinder, bricks, you name it below.
Below are a few more videos of stucco being applied to block walls. Improve The Look of block walls with stucco. stucco over concrete walls to remove form board lines. Improve the look of concrete block wall with stucco. improve the look of your brick walls, Green-Core cement. Stucco acrylic going old cementitious stucco finish.

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