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Apply Stucco two inches thick over a concrete block chimney on the same day










Apply Stucco two inches thick over a concrete block chimney on the same day “unheard of”
I’m not bragging, but only a handful of plastering outfits can apply so much so well and accurately.

That’s right, you read that right.
The structural engineer used rebar to structurally strengthen this chimney.

What we’re doing in this video is what I’d call professional plastering, It had better be difficult plastering for me to say this because I have plastered everything under the sun.

Thus two inches of the strongest stucco in the USA were asked of us to apply.
I had three truckloads of sand equal to 6 to 7 tons of sand and mixed about 40 to 60 bags of Eisenwall hydraulic cement stucco.
this hydraulic stucco, when cured, more than doubled the strength of portland cement plaster.

We mixed it stiff as each cat had to be applied at least 3/4 of an inch thick.
To force this hydraulic cement plaster to adhere is sprayed the bonding agent, Weld Crete, on full strength and sprayed the rebar with the binding agent. the rest, you can see, there was enough cement plaster applied to this chimney as in most 1,200 square foot homes.
So enjoy this as it’s a serious plastering.
There was a bizarre ending when complete with this top-of-the-line quality work for my team. The engineer did not believe we did it in a day?
Is not seeing believing.
Yes, we had words, and to this day, I no longer work for or with this man.
I find it absolutely amazing that any person could be so ignorant about another man’s competency? No doubt, although an engineer, he would have felt that both the golden gate or the Bay bridge could have been built, either.

It’s one of the strangest reactions I have ever been involved in within my 35 years history of applying stucco.
No doubt the contractor engineer would have slept better if 10 men took three weeks to do what we did in a day.

So because of that weird attitude, I have always been upfront with all my clients, since then letting them know our competence, even going as far as saying if you would feel better having a crew of ten men spends a week rather than us spend a day,
Please let me know now as I don’t ever again wish to be penalized for my strengths in organizing so many men and trucks and competent workers.
With another person’s low opinion of how long it takes to do my job.
And to make matters worse for the contractor, I had fun doing this stucco project. Man, why that bothered him so much? I’ll never understand?

This is not my style to write or say, but things that make you go hmmm……

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