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Stucco Color Finish Over an Interior Fireplace










Stucco Color Finish Over an Interior Fireplace.
Plastering a new color stucco finish, oh yes, an exterior color finish can be applied inside, especially on a fireplace.

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Howdy, ladies and gentlemen, In this video, we explain how to apply a new stucco finish coat over an. Existing stucco color.
I didn’t show that I applied another coat of the same stucco over the first one while Jay was cleaning up the outside stuff, as I wanted the finish to be richer.
Thus be a bit darker than the sample on the color chart.

Homeowners, instead of painting, ask for a new integrated colored stucco finish. These never again need painting.
Plus, they are 50 to 70 times as thick as paint.
Or, as they say in the UK, to spread an integrated color finish coat over an existing brown coat.

This video about applying a stucco color finish or stucco resurfacing are a few plastering tips to minimize any future cracking in these stucco walls.
A stucco base-coat can sit for a year or forever; no rules or codes say a stucco base-coat needs to be color-coated or painted.
However, the home won’t be as pretty if not painted or color coated.

All went well as expected so much; in fact, this color finish was fun to apply.
I also applied two coats of finishes for uniqueness with depth and beauty.
Tip: One can learn to plaster in a couple of years, but material knowledge and what can be expected requires some real-time investment.

I’ve had hundreds of comments like this: I hired a guy to apply a stucco color, and now that he has finished, you can see these lines right through the color giving the house a zebra effect.
That’s what we call ghosting. Don’t do that!

More about integrated stucco color finishes. Stucco color finishing fixing ugly patches. make a heavy stucco texture smooth, calif. stucco texture restores wrong patching window. how to repair lousy stucco textures.

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