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Stucco failures, the main reason why stucco separates and falls off walls










Howdy folks, In this how-to video, we are telling why stucco failures happen.
The main reason why stucco and paint separate and falls off walls is poor adhesion.

Here we show a color coat that was separating from the stucco wall.

You can spend hours online and get nothing but contradictions with regards to liquid bonding agents.

I have read last week where Weld Crete failed on a large hotel by an attorney,
I thought, doubtful. The fella’s who applied it more than likely applied it to a dusty wall.

As these fellas did in this video.

Weld-Crete bonding agent has never failed me. Instead, it’s usually well-meaning but ignorant applications
of any liquid bonding agents that fail to hold paint, stucco, tex coats, etc.
“Nothing sticks to a dirty wall surface.” This dirt includes moss, dust, failing paint, etc.

Any particles, dust, moss, or paint, must be washed well before any bonding agent is applied to the wall surface.

I like to call this process micro-scoring or etching. You use a pressure
washer with at least 3,000 psi, plus a turbo tip to literally wash and score the existing paint surface, where or not it looks clean, washing it anyway.

This will ensure an excellent bond.
FYI, Quikrete bonding agents are excellent bonding agents.
I prefer Larson’s “Weld Crete’ simply as it’s colored blue.
If we miss an area, it shows.

FYI, most bonding agents will dry in 20-minutes.
If the wall is dry and or in the sun, often as soon as you roll on the brush on the wall, most bonding agents dry within 5 minutes.
This is because the bricks, CMU block, and most other surfaces suck the moister/water out of the bonding agent, If the bonding agent.
Also, if the bonding agent is not completely dry or still tacky, you can still apply stucco or plaster over it.
Under no circumstances should you be sneaky or in a hurry or plain goofy and add the bonding agents to any materials, including stucco, plaster, or concrete. This will dilute the bonding agent, making it useless,
Always apply to the wall.

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