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Stucco how does it adhere or stick










Stucco how does it adhere or stick. Primer or bonding agent?
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A bonding agent to ensure your new stucco adheres forever.
Primers are necessary to give your paint jobs long-lasting durability.
Thus never skip priming your home or you will compromise the paint job’s longevity.

The story I explained about a stucco company using a garden water hose and a broom to clean the painted surface of a home, then mixing some Portland cement to a soupy consistency and applying that soupy Portland cement with brushes or rollers to a home before applying a new color finish happens more than most folks realize.
Most who read this think what’s wrong with that?
The new finish will come off in less than 3 months, all of it.
As Portland cement won’t adhere to a painted surface, any stucco, whether it’s a patch job as in this video or a new color finish will also come off.
As new stucco or paint is only as good as what it’s applied to.
I sometimes clown around, but I take what we do very seriously as I’m “liable.”
We have about a thousand videos online that have taken 15 years to do, try and find something we did incorrectly?
There is a time to joke around and a time to be serious.

 Most times, we mix 3 parts of sand to every one part of Portland cement plaster. The Portland cement plaster I use is premium-based Portland cement. It has lime and common in it.
Best wishes and happy holidays to all.

Kirk & Jason Giordano
Kirk & Jason Giordano

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