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Stucco lath information for beginners or DIY plasterers










Stucco lath information for beginners or DIY plasterers

Howdy guys and you too gals, this video explains step by step of how to how to apply exterior lath on walls before installing instant hot water or electrical boxes.
Hired by Mark Shure of Shure design and construction. His cell number is 510 847-8900. (he is a master carpenter)
how to apply flashing paper for plastering around plumbing fixtures.

I use 2 Ply Kraft (this means 2 layer spot glued so they stay together) (Grade D) for my weather resistive barrier. Its function is to prevent water from contacting the plywood sheathing and studs. Wet wood will rot while metal will rust. Therefore both must be kept dry. No one wants to deal with mold or mildew
The idea with 2 layer is that 2 layers offers a built in drainage plane for the wall system. So water can escape.
Defective stucco wrap can cause water intrusion in walls, which leads to mold.
Another reason is if the outer layer fails you still have the inner layer. Plus 2 layers is just as easy to apply because it’s spot glued and wont separate as you staple it up.
Lathing contractors or companies. BBB plastering company. How to lath a new addition for stucco.
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Stucco advantages?
Stucco is extremely durable and will outlast Vinyl, wood and brick, which makes it a better alternative to all other sidings. Stucco is great for extreme temperature changes too, such as snow, rain and even blistering heat waves. Stucco is also fire, mold and mildew resistant. Stucco is maintenance free, (if it has a color coat).
Folks save on insulation and insurance cost too (R value, for insulation.)
Plus it never goes out of style, making stucco a great value for your investment over time.
Two-Ply Jumbo Tex is a member of the Jumbo Tex family – a product line that has set the industry standard for effectiveness and durability as a weather-resistive barrier behind all major exterior wall claddings, especially stucco. It has been chosen by builders and architects to protect over five million homes and commercial buildings from the problems caused by water intrusion and excessive moisture.

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Stucco lath information for beginners or DIY plasterers,
exterior stucco lath information for beginners or DIY plasterers

Kirk & Jason Giordano
Kirk & Jason Giordano

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