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Stucco lathing failures before stucco










Stucco lathing failures before stucco, Lathing tips do your own lath.
Hello all, we’re showing some stucco mistakes in lathing, do’s and don’ts, waterproofing your stucco walls right.
Lath is simply the first step in the stucco process.
First, you attached two layers of Grade D paper or two layers of 60-minute paper to protect the plywood substrate from rainwater damage.

Galvanized-steel-Stucco-Netting 17 or 18 gauge galvanized woven wire stucco netting was used to reinforce paper for exterior Portland cement stucco walls.
You can use furring nails or more modern equipment as we have been doing for forty years, ‘Staples’ using an air-powered staple lath gun.
Remember, 7/8 of the leg has to be embedded into the stud, which usually means with plywood sheathing, your best bet is to buy inch and a quarter crown staples with a width or crown of one inch to keep up with current inspections or codes.
Don’t over staple the lath, only ever 6 inches on studs.

Howdy all in this video, I’m poking fun at my pal for doing his own lath and over-stapling with a few other common mistakes. At least he tried.

Were is shown here providing advice for these too often lathing mistakes. If you’re going to take on the task of lathing, spend at least a couple of hours before on our site and type in on our channel, ‘how to lath’ for Lathing tips before attempting to lath your own work.

More LATHING Tips learn to stucco lath fast, easiest, and newest. exterior stucco lath, Stucco settings, or chicken wire. Stucco staples vs. Furring Nails. Lathing instructions, step by step how to install lath. How to lath a stud wall, self-furred stucco paperback wire.

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