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Stucco patching around windows or holes in your stucco walls










Stucco patching around windows or holes in your stucco walls

Plaster patching around newly installed windows using Kemset plaster
Kemset plaster application on walls, plaster patching around newly installed windows

See how we lathed this area in this video,

Hello, my friends, Welcome to another introduction to Kemsets Lightweight plaster.
Jason and I are applying a lightweight application in this video.

Applying plaster to a wall is too easy for me at this stage of my career. I can almost close my eyes and use it.
Thus, the Wheres Waldo question. In case any are wondering what that means, In the first video,, I said we were coming back another day to plaster this area. However, I’m still wearing the tool belt. So I give away, it’s the same day.
As no permits are necessary when changing windows unless also changing headers.

The phone for sales of Kemset products is 562-285-2790.

More kemset plaster is used in these videos with full applications Set Lightweight plaster free of silica and Lye,
fire and soundproof eco-friendly stucco. secrets kemset lime is healthy,
with no lye to burn your skin or clothes. plastering, Kemset plaster can
be used for interiors and exteriors.

Kemet ecoplast50 plaster will set you free from Lye and silica.
For the many out there who wish an environmentally safe and sound plaster second to none, you have reached your research destiny.
Ole Kirk predicts this kemset ecoplast50 will soon dominate all the Home Depot and Lowes large hardware stores and many professional plastering yards who also wish their share of the lion’s wealth through homeowners.
Why Is Kirk physic? Of course not, but he knows a great product when he’s used it.

I don’t like picking up bags of plaster or stucco. As soon as you grab it and squish it together to get a good grip, all the excess, Lye, and silica becomes air-born.
What’s that mean? Excellent question. You’re inhaling this toxic shit.
What happens when you inhale silica, it goes in your lungs, and you keep that stuff in there forever, or until your lungs have gathered so much you can no longer breathe; instead, you gasp for oxygen.
This is what happens when you grab all bags of plasters and or stuccos. You inhale Lye. Let me see which would I prefer to inhale, Lye, silica, or covid? This is a rated g channel. Thus, I won’t say what happens when you inhale Lye or get it on your skin, but you can google it. That way, I keep my rated G listing.

This way of life is becoming increasingly important, as we need to protect our planet from man-made damage. It is possible to be eco-friendly in different areas of our lives. Wikipedia My website and contact information Jason’s Website

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Kirk & Jason Giordano

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