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Acrylic driveway, Stucco acrylic for sidewalks or driveway finishes










Acrylic driveway, Stucco acrylic for sidewalks or driveway finishes.
Stucco acrylic used for sidewalks or driveways All by Rapid Set for all your concrete needs

In fact, I have found if the concrete is super clean, it will not only adhere but last 20 times longer than just primer and paint, plus be sandy so that when it rains, it’s not slippery.

Hello my friends, I’m using stucco acrylic product for another purpose in this video than it was engineered for.
Can you use stucco acrylic products for sidewalks or driveways? I did many times, all were successful.

I once added all the excess stucco acrylic stucco I had saved in my garage and mixed them in a fifty-gallon trash can.
I applied the acrylics to my slopped driveway with a fat roller on a pole stick about 20 years ago. It came out grey in color and is still stuck like white on rice to that slopped driveway and is still sandy for a non-slip surface.
A surface has to be clean enough to eat off if you consider this method.
As nothing adheres to a dusty surface.
FYI, acrylic stucco sticks to almost everything.

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In the middle of this video, I pointed to a driveway I did years before, here it is, and the method of repairing it.🍻 Concrete Driveway Resurfacing

Next, kick back, relax, and enjoy the video!
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