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Learn to make your heavy stucco finish smooth, Changing your stucco finish from heavy to smooth










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Thank you all for watching this free stucco crash course on learning how to give your rough stucco home a smoother look.
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Make heavy stucco Smooth and change a heavy texture finish into a smoother stucco finish.
Learn to make your heavy stucco finish smooth. Changing your stucco finish from heavy to smooth.

If you want to change your heavy texture to a smooth stucco texture. In this how-to-stucco video, my family and I demonstrate how to stucco change a rough stucco texture to a smooth stucco texture.

We showed how to make rough stucco or plastered wall textures or finish much smoother.
First, Pressure washing is necessary to get the walls clean.
A bonding agent is then brushed or rolled onto the wall. Never pour it into the mix, Or the bonding agent will be rendered useless.

Also, note that we used heavy sand as the fine or medium sand finishes would not cover their heavy textures.
We can change the texture as the sand grit we applied was 70 times thicker than the paint.
FYI, the darker the color coat desired, the finishes may not be solid in appearance. This means colors may not be ultimately uniform like a painted finish.

When you purchase cementitious color finishes, like La Habra’s color finishes, they come with a two-pound box of color pigmentation to each bag of finish coat that weighs 94 pounds.
When darker colors are chosen instead of earth tone colors, Instead of a two-pound color bag, they can weigh in at 10-pound or more added to every 94 -pounds of La Habra’s finish stucco.

If one were to look at a la Habra color chart and look at the house on the rear of the chart, it shows homes that are not uniform in color.
This is not a mistake by the company. It’s to show what can happen when darker colors are chosen instead of earth tone finishes,
Advantages/benefits of spreading a stucco finish coat color. They are fifty times thicker than paint,
This is why stucco medium or heavy sand finishes cover/hide imperfections in existing stucco finishes and why painting enhances these flaws.

Do you want to see a few more videos of smoothing out stucco finishes?
Please, be our guest view, and enjoy Stucco color retexturing gabs. integrated stucco color finishes. Applying a skip trowel stucco with a base coat. Spreading a Skip trowel texture with the base coat. How to match stucco skip trowel finishes.

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Kirk & Jason Giordano’s worldwide online free crash course about changing your stucco finish from heavy to smooth.

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Kirk & Jason Giordano
Kirk & Jason Giordano

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