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Fixing cracks and unexpected stucco issues










Fixing cracks and unexpected stucco issues, use caulking with stucco sand in it for the best results or match after it’s painted.
Stucco cracks, why stucco walls hairline crack, best caulking for cracking stucco.

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In this video, we share some tips about why stucco cracks, why stucco walls hairline crack, and the best caulking to use for repairing your cracking stucco.
There are at least 20 types of caulking out there. The best one for stucco has stucco sand in it mixed with acrylic. I recommend Mor-Flexx.

The tile grout caulking also has sand in then; however, that sand is too fine to match the sand grit mixed with portland cement to make stucco.
Most makers of stucco and concrete products such as quikrete, Sacrete, rapid set all have their own brands of calking they recommend for caking cracks in stucco also.

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