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- Stucco/Plastering/Rendering One coat cement Plastering learn to lath fast, lathing tips, easiest and newest. Learn to the lath, Stucco settings, or chicken wire for stucco. How to lath a stud wall with self-furred paperback wire.
- Plastering professionals teaching DIY weekend warriors how to plaster.
- stucco/plastering products repairing a bad Plaster texture, How to fix a bad stucco patch.

Hello all, whether or not you have Stucco/Plastering or Rendering stucco Structural Problems and wish Plastering preservations to be following historic plaster restoration codes.
This stucco separating from old walls might answer some of your concerns.
Fact, all of the separating stucco on this stucco wall has occurred because of simple neglect of caulking. If you simply caulk every crack, that’s noticed. Even year, this kind of stucco separations can’t occur.
Think about that one hour a year to caulk all cracks on a stucco and tor wood home can save you a fortune in future repairs.
On the flip side, one who voids caulking cracks on stucco walls, especially up high where it’s tough to see, can expect the cracks to develop into larger ones yearly. Why?
The rainwater gets in the wood expands, the ants and termites move in for dinner the rest is a feast for bugs than when the rainwater seeps into the cracks and rots/destroys the wood, insulation, sheetrock start to yellow, carpets become damp which creates the mold which sickens entire families, and on and on…….🤔
Let’s face it, maintenance sucks, but avoiding it is ten times worse when you consider the short-term, let alone long term health and financial cost to repair.

    In the links below, Jason and I took the liberty of researching the best tools at the lowest cost used by us.
This removes the guesswork for you out of buying plastering and other stucco tools.
At the same time, you can also buy your everyday supplies through Amazon too, whatever your needs are. 🤷‍♂️  
   Amazon delivers with Prime, right to your front door… makes a person downright lazy but happy. 👍
     Plus, this helps support us a bit so we can keep making these teaching videos.  

Remember, once on the Amazon page, you can buy not just the tools we recommend but anything your heart desires.
Who out there does not like getting stuff in the mail? 🎁

Plastering Hawk large:
Plastering’s perfect Trowel:
Green sponge plastering float:
Two-handled plastering Darby:
DEWALT Air Compressor:

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   BTW, we have switched to powerful, modern, and long-lasting all battery-operated Milwaukee tools for good reasons.
Take the Dual Chemistry M18 Job-site Radio. For me, this is one of my favorite tools for any job site:  I plug my cell phone in the top, then listen commercial-free to my music all day… or my dad’s favorite artists.  😏

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