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Stucco straight and evenly around windows and doors










Stucco straight and evenly around windows and doors

Hello my friends, in this stucco video, I share how to plastering straight and even lines around windows and doors using a stucco darby.

Some in the plastering trade might make the stucco walls; “true and plumb” or even on the sides of windows and doors. I prefer using a darby.
This easily allows a straight stucco line around the entire window. Fyi, the vertical marks you see in the mud come from my being so far from the stucco wall that I used my hawk sideways to hold myself away from falling through the scaffolding as this was one of the worse sets of scaffold jobs we have had to plaster off of.
But we made it work, like always.
My pal and fellow plasterer Nathan Humphrey helped me plaster this wall along with my brother Lu, who had carried for us.
FYI, “stucco hod carriers are also called plaster tenders.”
Nathan came up with the catchy tune of, “When your stucco needs repairs; as the cracks are everywhere……
Man, you just got to love working with men with great senses of humor. It makes the days go by quickly.

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