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Thank you all for watching this free stucco crash course on leaking stucco rooftop parapets.
Have an excellent day!

I used the caulking Sikaflex 1A it’s a polyurethane adhesive sealant.

Stucco rooftop parapets don’t allow water intrusion. Metal flashing caps. Caulking stucco parapets. Yea, I know I need a haircut.

Hello my friends, in this video, as the title expresses, if your stucco parapets are leaking, it’s time to break down and fork out the dough to have flashing caps put over them.
As a rule, metal flashing caps can last for over a hundred years if attention is paid to detail.
Detail to flashing metal caps should be they are fused by soldering and screwed into the parapets
wood tops of with Self Drilling Roofing Screws With Rubber Washers.

If they are caulked, which the majority of them are, it’s best to fuse them together with a polyurethane adhesive caulking like Sikaflex 1A caulking.

This caulking is a drag to use as it’s not water-soluble but is the best for longevity.

If nails are placed in the tops, the hammering can cause cupping, and these indentations can hold up to a half gallon of water. This rainwater can sit and trickle or seep its way through the nail, causing water intrusion into your home.
This can cause wood-wet ceilings that loosen and fall.
These issues will be the tip of the iceberg for trobles that will eventually follow.

An example of a cap flashing that had just been caulked with inexpensive or cheap caulking can be viewed in this video, titled, Repair Leaking Roof Parapet Flashing or Leaking Stucco walls or is it your Parapet Roof Caps that are the problem, whether at the seams or nailed in areas?

In the above video, I got a call saying the stucco was leaking when in fact, the metal caps that became cupped then held the falling rain. This rainwater slowly seeped through the flashing joint and seeped through nail holes if hammered in.
Note on a positive note the metal parapet roof flashing does go down both sides at least 4 inches.

As this problem occurs often, I used this video as an example to explain in detail why this happens.
Parapets are usually used to protect people from falling off roofs, a good thing.
However, they provide no protection to your walls from the pouring rain, a bad thing.

Usually, stucco parapets last around 50 years with normal wear and tear.
Most will last forever with simple maintenance of priming and painting every ten years.
Why do they Fail? Good question, glad you asked.
Depending on where you live in the USA and the sun’s heat, the sun beats down on the stucco cap. Over, say, 50 years or more, the sun heats the wood under the stucco caps and often causes that wood to expand, forcing expansion. This expansion pushes on the stucco.
Thus the stucco cracks. Unfortunately, this cracked stucco cap is not usually known until the crack is so wide and deep that much of the rain is now entering the home, and the casing it’s damaged.

It’s the opposite in cold, snowy climates. The rain enters the cracks when it freezes.
The rain expands in the cracks, allowing much more rain each season to continue this normal routine. It’s not wise to allow this to happen. Now you know.
Note this home had not only flashing caps but a new roof placed over the metal flashing cap. So why did it still have issues? The average rainfalls straight down.
However, with a storm of windy blowing rain, the wind will force the rain sideways and upwards under the large gaps in the roof membrane covering the flashing onto the flashing.
The flashing was covered as it had issues. Now those issues are getting wet again, get it?
Since I was licensed, at least ten homes had to have ALL the stucco torn off and much of the wood replaced, then stucco reapplied because of what I’m sharing in this video.
Don’t be that person.
FYI, we’re working on one now so far the owner is out over 200K.
It is never our intention to create fear but instead education. 👍

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Thank you all for watching, and wishing all a great day!

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