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Stucco Staples going through the stud field










Stucco Staples going through the stud field

Hello Guys and gals, this video simply addressing a comment by my pal Mark Fowler who been in the Wall and Ceiling Industry for 40 years, licensed contractor in two states, project architect specializing in building envelopes, served many times as a expert witness, author and technical director of Bureaus and two manuals on stucco.
Plus served as Committee Chairman to establish the MITC (Minimum Industry Training Criteria) for California Apprenticeship of Plaster Tenders. Which (I) had to attend for 4 years, one evening per week while an apprentice plasterer back in the early 80’s
Mark’s currently the Executive Director for SMA, stucco manufacturers association, Marks fowler is definitely a busy dude.
I stay in touch with old timers like Mark Fowler, Jerry Pozo, Fred Smith as our path cross frequently being in the same plastering profession, o.k. they are all probably younger than me.
Mark sometime watches our video’s, so when he watched this one below,

he felt he would humor me by telling me of a case he was on and one of the opposing attorneys implied that placing a staple in the stucco field could be a cardinal sin.
This reminded me of the Twinkie Defense many years ago.
If you research with Google and or talk to enough folks you can find contradictions till your head spins.
Alway nice to hear the drama/ horror stories from our boys on the inside of a courtroom too.

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Stucco Staples going through the stud field,
Mark Fowler comments,
Teaching the world how to plaster one video at a time
Thanks for watching and have great day!

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Staples going through the stud field, Mark fowler, walls and ceilings,

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Kirk & Jason Giordano

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