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Stucco transitions, hard rubber stucco floats create a finer sand finish










It’s the old plastering with dancing shoe trick, to add some love and laughter back in the plastering trade, just to show, we have fun too.

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In this video, I’m explaining how a hard rubber or polyurethane plaster float is used to achieve a finer sand finish to blend into your existing fine sand finish.
A fine sand stucco fish is different than a stucco sand finish that a sponge flat has been used. When a song float is used, it brings much of the sand to the surface, which most houses have.
When used properly, a stucco hard rubber float is to make the walls true and plumb and compact the stucco to reduce hairline cracking.
However, it can also be used to give the walls a fine sand finish; as to what finish was on these walls.
Again you can learn to plaster in a few short years, but knowing how previous plasterer textures or finishes are applied, takes more time.
If you want a fine sand finish on your home, you may tell your plastering professional to use a hard rubber stucco float for your finish.😏

Perhaps some may get a kick out of how many things can be used to get the stucco on the walls. - Stucco/plastering walls using shoes, pans, shovels, or trowels.

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