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Stucco two coats then apply old world texture, stuccoing for dummies










Stucco two coats then apply old world texture, stuccoing for dummies
Apply the fastest setting stucco and other plastering tips

Hello everyone, in this video we are giving some Tips for using Eisenwall rapid set cement.

This product is for professionals with proper training.

Keep in mind the Rapid set you can purchase from Home Depot, Lowes and other stores are 50 pound bags you don’t require any added sand. It’s all in the bag, you just add water.

Eisenwall comes in 94 pound bags and you do add sand at the job, we only mix what I can spread in the time period of what I am trying to accomplish.

I had other information I shared while on the staging about proper caulking for water proofing around pipes and the terra cotta vents plus pulling the wire by hand away from the wall a bit more as I realized the existing finish and the mud sill area were twice what ‘s normal.

However we ran out of card space on the camera (memory) we depleted a couple of minutes of explaining the importance of Quality Polyurethane caulkings, which we applied where needed.

I also did not have time to show the application of the texture as I was hustling my ass off spreading this wall by myself, no, Lou does not plaster and Carl was setting and doing other stuff, so don’t beat yourself up if you can’t get the hang of spreading stucco, my brother Lou, has not learned in over 30 years.

I basically applied both coats to the entire wall, then I had Loooou mix some fresh mud and applied the texture, I applied it from top down which we did show as it was cured and ready for floating.

What would have happened had I used this rapid set stucco for the texture, when I placed both thick heavy coats?

I would have been forced to float the wall, thus losing the rest of the stucco original mixed about 6 full wheelbarrows.

By applying the texture with no retardants the set stucco sucked the moisture out of the texture coat so that I could spread the entire top wall then float and drop down and float the ground level wall for the proper finish.
I could have explained it better but i was hustling my ass off to get the finish proper as setting cement waits for no one!

This cement product when applied properly has the incredible strength level, that’s why it used in bridges and other structures that require serious strength.

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Thanks for watching and have a great day!
Stucco two coats then apply old world texture, stuccoing for dummies
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Apply the fastest setting stucco and other plastering tips, Stucco Patch, Rapid Set Stucco‎Tips for using Eisenwall rapid set cement, rapid set stucco patch, fastest setting stucco tips on applications

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