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how to adhere stucco Styrofoam decorative trim molds to plaster or stucco walls










how to adhere stucco Styrofoam decorative trim molds to plaster or stucco walls,
Howdy, ladies and gentlemen, first, I’ll say there are many ways to attach stucco styrofoam molds; they can be attached to many different substrates, but they are engineered to be attached stucco walls as a rule.

This video explained the best methods of adhering stucco Styrofoam decorative trim molds to plaster or stucco walls.

This complete and detailed video about Stucco Styrofoam decorative trim molds attached to plaster or stucco walls is your ticket to learning.

Huge tip: If you decide to purchase styrofoam stucco molds, make certain you request they be precoated with the fiberglass mesh already protecting the fragile styrofoam with a cementitious adhesive coating such as Poly-Bond.

La Habra’s Poly-Bond is specifically engineered to secure and strengthen the styrofoam by adding a cementitious adhesive to adhere the fiberglass mesh to the styrofoam; Poly-Bond, or a similar adhesive, is also used to adhere the styrofoam to the stucco basecoat.

(scratch and brown coat is know as a stucco base-coat)

FYI, I leave the nails in as an extra precaution besides using the cementitious adhesive Poly-Bond; as the added two-ply paper and window and window, flashing stops any nail or staple penetrations from leaking.

MY buddy and fellow plasterer did not leave the nails in when he adhered some styrofoam decorative molding on a 4 story home in San Francisco a few years back.

Some of the styrofoam was blown off in a heavy storm; fortunately, they didn’t his anyone on the streets,
Last I heard, he was still in litigation; thus, to all reading, I recommend you leave the nails in and apply the same Poly-Bond used to adhere them over the galvanized nail heads; this way, they don’t rust or bleed through. By this simple common sense reasoning, you can be certain that they won’t fail in storms or that gravity has its way with them.
Plus, if you remove them, you just made a hole penetration for the rainwater to flood during the same storms.

Yes, I have been in this trade so long and experienced many things, such as many years back we stuccoed an addition, for a general contractor in the winter, he hung a tarp over our scratch coat as he didn’t want the rain to ruin a door they had yet to finish, a few years later, they had massive wood rot, I had to go through all my pictures to find where they attached that tarp, that removed nail hole, which we didn’t know about caused the water damage.
Sh!t does indeed happen.

You can order thousand of normal or customized your own shapes by contacting styrofoam companies online.

Google stucco styrofoam molds, supplies, or companies near me; for the one closest to you.
Many suppliers will also install them if you don’t want to spend forever learning to understand the materials necessary to hold them permanently and many details of this sort, like mitering the edges, so the fiberglass does not fray.

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