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Tarp nail holes cause leaks In stucco walls










Tarp nail holes cause leaks In stucco walls.
Do Missing Nail holes cause leaks? In stucco walls, yes.
Stucco walls leaking can a nail hole cause water intrusion.
The winter rains are here, folks caulking all cracks and holes to avid the ram from doing any damage inside your home.
We thought as winter is here, we would explain stucco walls leaking.

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Are your stucco walls leaking?
Can a nail hole cause water intrusion? You betcha.

As in the story, I explained while plastering this window.
The GC, on a job several years back, covered a small wall where he installed a new sliding glass door.
He used a typical blue tarp, as he had yet to install the downspouts in a critical corner area.
We arrived to apply the stucco. He removed the blue tarp and, unfortunately, the nail holding the tarp.
We arrived to apply the stucco, we did this. Then a couple of weeks later, the rains began.
As the stucco was curing, it was still porous as it was curing before being painted.
We did some explorations of pictures taken and determined the leak was caused by a large nail removed.
The rainwater traveled down the corner with no gutter and found its way through the stucco. It didn’t take but 3 days of rain to allow a gallon of water to enter through that missing nail hole and find the new wooded floor.
The wood also was not finished, thus absorbed the rain swelled like a pregnant bullfrog.
In the end, the GC had to replace some of the swollen wood boards, total time, six hours.
Total time had they known when they removed the tarp to bend the nail over or pounded it in would have taken a few seconds.
Shit happens. Stucco structural cracking removing then repairing buckling stucco. Stucco Videos
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