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Transform a traditional brick fireplace with plaster










You can transform your traditional brick fireplace using an interior lime base, then apply USG Lime finish

As a. rule, Ole Kirk “won’t” spread or apply this Ekoplast 50 WITHOUT the Calcium Formate added or used as an accelerator, as ole Kirk does not have the patience to watch paint dry, either.

I wait for no plaster or stucco to set. Thus, I dictate the dry time, but I suggest the average person apply a basecoat, then apply a finish coat on a separate or later day.

Ekoplast 50 is Heat-insulating Plaster, Lightweight/Micro-glass Polymer Modified, Mold and Mildew Resistant, Silica free, Class 1 Fireproof, Exterior or Interior, Sound Dampening, and a few other benefits. However, it’s produced and used primarily in Europe, thus may cost more as it has to be shipped to the USA.


Use on solid backing of Concrete, Cement Block, Brick, Drywall, Exterior/ Interior Plasterboard OSB, Steel Structures, and many other substrates.

First, If you’re going to do this, For the love of god, clean the bricks; note that no bonding agent, cement board, or even stucco netting or wiring is necessary; that would be counter-productive as nothing adheres longer or tighter than a natural mechanical bond. That means the bricks are porous when a wet cementitious product is applied or spread it bonds instantly and permanently.

If interested in this Ekoplaster-50 plaster, call my pal Hickman at (760) 801-8239.

Folks, we like to provide options if you can’t find this material or feel it drys or sets too slowly for you.

And If you don’t know how to add the accelerator, you can also use Home Depot’s Greencore USA as the base coat, as it is also a lime plaster.

View this video as another alternative.
Transform bricks or concrete blocks into stucco walls with Home depot’s Greencore USA.

Another method of attaining the goal of a basecoat, We are demonstrating how to apply Portland stucco over block walls I this video; this system and the ones below can also be used to apply a basecoat to any fireplace. How to plaster an interior fireplace with Structo-lite.
Plus, spreading colored stucco over Structo-Lite Base-Coat. Spread or apply USG’s lime interior plaster.

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