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Waterproofing and stuccoing over stairs, waterproof exterior wood stairs permanently










Waterproofing and stuccoing over stairs, waterproof exterior wood stairs permanently.
Waterproofing and stuccoing over stairs.
Can you stucco & waterproof your exterior wood stairs permanently? Yes.

See here the finish coat of Stucco Acrylic finish we applied,
So no more rotting stairs? Yes, as I am showing how to do this in this video.

In it, we are showing you, folks, Waterproofing and stuccoing over stairs.
At the end of this video, we show applying the cement stucco.
Thus if done like this, you no longer have to keep changing your woods stairs because of rotting.

Plus, this stucco application gives you rainwater protection; thus, you can store stuff under the deck or stairs without the worry of them getting soaked when it rains.
This stucco also provides a non-slip that wood stairs do not.
Stucco for non-slip wood stairs and waterproofing exterior wood steps or stairs.

This video shows you how to stucco & waterproof your exterior wood stairs permanently, so no more rotting stairs.

Jason first stuck a peel and stuck membrane to the stairs and up the side.
He then bent the 3.4 stucco mesh wire in the stairs’ shape and then stapled it all down.

Note: as stucco is used for walls and no roofs or decks, Jason used a polyurethane caulking to cover each step so as the rainwater would not be able to penetrate the membrane, then was the fun part which I show in this video of applying the stucco, after that basecoat of stucco set,
I returned and applied an acrylic stucco color finish with a sand finish to make it non-slippery even when it rains.

These stairs will outlast the house without worrying ever again about rotting or fragile deck stairs.
So now you know you can not only waterproof your stairs but make them non-slippery and, best of all, never have to replace rotting or cupped steps again.

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