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What does Fat and Ugly in plastering mean?










What does fat and Ugly in plastering mean?

Hello my friends, in this video, I’m explaining some plastering language, jargon, or terminology talk, of what’s meant when we on a gun crew say to spray it on Fat and Ugly.

Naturally, we can also scream, spray it on heavier!
However, fat and ugly sounds much funnier when were all young, healthy, and strong and are working hard to lighten the mood of a large plastering crew.

What is a brown coat in stucco?
How to straighten stucco walls in stucco?
Is it better to use skill when applying stucco or muscles?
Find out ole kirks opinion in this how-to stucco video.
It was filmed to spread information to all interested for your learning benefits. Perhaps you may view and become interested in getting into the plastering trade.
The plastering trade can use many more intelligent folks as applicators and contractors, which is a fact.

Another fact, we don’t fear competition. In fact, we welcome it and encourage it as jason and I am just two people. This would need thousands of more folks who wish to learn to earn an honest living. Allow me to share my opinion or midset. I get paid to work out; thus, you can too?

If you are a homeowner, DIYer or apprentice plasterer, or a professional like yours truly, allow this to be your schooling. All can depend on us for accurate and sound knowledge in all our videos.

Professional plastering, apply the second coat fat and ugly, it’s called a brown coat, but when applied and or dryer it’s grey like a sidewalk concrete, want to know why to click below……… Why do they call the second coat of exterior cement plaster or stucco ‘a brown coat’ when it’s grey?

What I like doing is apply the second coat fat and ugly. This means a lot. I’ll take the excess fat and place it in any hollow areas.
By plastering with this mindset, one uses pure knowledge of materials and skill with tolls, Not muscle.

I have an abundance of common sense regarding stucco and its applications and material, which I want to use.

Funny, I suck at carpentry and dislike plumbing and electrical stuff, but know stuff about stucco that is far-reaching, things that make you go hmm……….

With the majority of our videos, the title is the tip of the iceberg; the content of the videos hopefully explains what one wants to understand the meaning of.

The videos below are for your education and amusement. stucco or plaster bonding agents painted wall surfaces Stucco buckling fixing loose or separated buckling stucco walls. failures in stucco patching, sh!t happens. stucco family working in harmony.

With the majority of our videos, the title is the tip of the iceberg; the content of the videos hopefully explains what one wants to understand the meaning of.

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