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why does exterior stucco walls darken when wet? its porous, paint won’t darken as its sealed










why does exterior stucco walls darken when wet? its porous, paint won’t darken as its sealed

Hello, my friends. I did this video as I’m often asked why my exterior stucco walls darken when wet? Its’ porous, paint won’t darken as it’s sealed.

You would have to watch this video to see what happens when water hits a painted area versus the integrated stucco finish. Amazing, so don’t do this.

We filmed this quick demonstration as every winter, I receive many calls and emails from nervous new homeowners saying, my god, I got robbed. I think every time it rains my walls darken, can you tell me if this is normal.
Not only is it a good thing, but consider yourself fortunate if you have a maintenance-free home.
Like a brick, it darkens. When dryer conditions return, the color returns to normal.

The advantages and benefits of spreading a stucco finish coat color.
They are fifty to seventy times thicker than paint.
This is why stucco medium or heavy sand finishes cover and hide imperfections in existing stucco finishes and why painting enhances these flaws. a law or great truth about bonding agents. Stucco color retexturing patches or textures. make smooth, heavy textures, stucco. integrated stucco color finishes. Moss Applying a skip trowel stucco. Spreading a Skip trowel texture with the base coat. How to match stucco skip trowel finishes.

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