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Plaster scarifiers or scratchers, plastering with Madeleine and Lulie my daughters










Plaster scarifiers or scratchers, plastering with Madeleine and Lulie my daughters.
what is a stucco scarifier, plaster scarifier, render scarifier?.
Howdy, all in this video, I’m’ working with my family. First, we share how to Stucco or apply cement Plaster, then use scarifiers or scratchers to score horizontal lines in the first coat of stucco.

One of the things I’m’ painting out is why we place tape on a scratcher or scarifier.
The tape serves as a guide on making the scratch lines in the first coat of stucco.

In this video, we explain in detail how and why scratch lines in the first coat of plaster, whether wavy or horizontal, with a Scratcher or Scarifier, make little difference.
One fact does indeed make a difference. The scratch line should never be vertical.

This horizontal scratching provides what we call the plastering industry a key to creating a natural mechanical bond between the scratch coat and the brown coat, or what is referred to as the second coat of stucco. Scratch lines.

Most folks spreading over cementitious substrates such as bricks, stones, concrete, or even concrete blocks, also known as CMU blocks, need only ONE COAT applied to a skim coat, thus not necessarily scratching the stucco surface.

More beginning the first coat of plaster and how to place scratch lines below. Plaster scratch and second coat wet float apply texture dash coat Plastering same day Scratch and Brown plaster coats

Next, kick back, relax, and enjoy the video!
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