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What’s the Right Stucco for my house? Bmi 690 is what was recommended in this video










What’s the Right Stucco for my house? Bmi 690 is what was recommended in this video.
Bmi 69, what’s the Right Stucco for my home.
I titled this video “What’s The Right Stucco for you” because naturally if you ask 20 different stucco guys what they would skim coat this home with, you will more than likely get 20 other answers.

Material knowledge is 70% of a well-rounded stucco plastering company or a stucco service provider.
The other 30% is application.

I chose 690 BMI reinforced fibered cement plaster for this stucco base coat in the above video.

What’s The Right Stucco for my job or house stucco with fiberglass fibers for adding extra strength.

I personally would have chosen this same stucco system if this were my own home, after more than 30 years of applying, possibly every stucco system available.

There are many more reasons to use this particular BMI 690 cement reinforced fibered plaster material, such as skim coating, bricks, or cinderblocks.
Or for the process of changing one heavy exterior stucco texture into one that’s very smooth, this material is perfect for this reason as the sand is more refined and applies like whipping cream.
Of course, new construction over exterior sheathing with paper and wire is typical too.

The 690 BMI reinforced fibered cement plaster is perfect for new homes, especially as it combines powerful and fast setting portland cement with lime added.
Lime provides a bit more flexibility which the average contractor is no longer aware of as it has been phased out in the last 50 years as most folks no longer understand the importance.
plaster Standard, Standard w/fibers, Accelerated, Accelerated w/fibers
BMI 690 is a premium pre-blended cement-lime-sand mixture that has been specially formulated for the scratch and brown coat.
This pre-blended product assures consistent quality throughout the project. BMI, once more.

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