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Window butchers fixing lath jobs waterproofing leaking windows correctly










Window butchers, fixing lath jobs waterproofing leaking windows correctly.
See how we plastered this wall with Kemset plaster,

The best window installations company I have yet to witness in 2021 is “Cal Coast window and doors,” located in Pleasanton.”
Even their stucco guys are just as good as us. So, that’s mighty good to be all right. 🥂
Their number is 925-398-8184.

Hello ladies and gents, I had to use restraint to keep butchers out of the title as that would have been negative. However, Jason and I do prefer to stay positive if possible.
However, both Jason and I have recently seen many windows installed or “butchered” in the last 6 months.
I’m wondering, why? Are so many in such a hurry, they are unable or unwilling to install flashings and or break-out correctly?
Things that make you go hmmm…

Okay, back to reality, this video repair went better than expected as we found no wood rot.
I’m going to include a couple of videos that show how to install windows properly and another of why it’s best to use skill rather than muscle when breaking out the edges to allow, if possible, at least 3 inches of existing paper and stucco netting. And a third as to saw cutting the stucco, to install. The window.

BTW, the reason you or any window installer leaves three inches of paper is for proper waterproofing.
The reason for leaving an inch to three of existing stucco netting is to ovoid stucco cracking from the new to existing stucco.

I will also include a window that was simply saw cut as it was easier to install. However, it was done by a homeowner, not a professional.
A homeowner might do this, as they don’t know. Still, when a professional window installer does it, most stucco contractors will double their price if fixing another man’s inability to install correctly.
If they are unable or unwilling, the homeowner pays the price for them saw-cutting the stucco, installing a window, and running to their truck to beat the traffic home.
However, if they informed you ahead of time they plan to just saw-cut the stucco and install new windows, you know ahead of time.

Here’s a couple of videos of correct installations and one that was saw-cut. We made it work for the education of your viewers.🤔 and lath a newly installed window, Marvin window. it’s an old video, but the correct break-out for windows still applies. Saw-cutting stucco to install windows, don’t do that. My website and contact information Jason’s Website

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