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Orinda Stucco Repair & REPLACEMENT


Orinda Stucco Repair & REPLACEMENT

Kirk and Jason did a great job of matching the texture of the rest of the house following a patio door replacement. Great service, skills and definitely recommend.
Mark H.

Our Stucco Repair Services in Orinda

Got an itch? We can scratch(coat) it.

We're not just swinging trowels here

There is much more to stucco patching & repair than what meets the eye

With 40 years of stucco under my belt, I speak from experience here: to be an expert in stucco repair you have to be a materials wizard, a structural engineer, a competent contractor, and a skilled artist all rolled into one. Our videos make it look easy, but it’s not just slapping some mud on the wall and calling it a day.

Every home presents unique challenges. Here are just some of the things we consider in every stucco repair or patch job we do in Orinda:

  • Is the area waterproof? Is there a danger of water intrusion that needs to be addressed?
  • Does the existing stucco need to be broken out to reveal paper and wire in order to waterproof the area? Is the existing paper deteriorated?
  • Are special flashing details required?
  • What stucco netting will be the most effective for this repair?
  • Is the home currently a two coat or three coat system?
  • What is the home’s existing texture? What finishing material should be used in order to match the areas surrounding the patch?
  • If the walls had been painted numerous times, how can we ensure a texture match of our new work to avoid ugly patches that stick out like a sore thumb?
And so much more.

Watch Jay here and get a glimpse at all the thought that goes into patching in a new window the right way. 

While it's fun for us, application is only 30% of the battle

Material knowledge is the boring stuff that makes a huge difference in how good a patch looks. A good stucco patch is one you don’t notice because it blends into the wall. Using the correct product to match the existing finish is as important (if not more important) than the application itself.

Matching texture is hard enough, but this is something else! 

Applying stucco is also an art.

When we’re asked to patch and repair stucco on older homes here in Orinda, we don’t just have to trowel it on, we have to make sure that patch is virtually seamless.

Since every home has a a unique finish applied by hand, this is not an easy feat. We may make it LOOK easy on our YouTube channel, but it takes a true artist to properly blend the new work into the old.

With over 40 years of experience in the East Bay working on thousands of homes, we’ve got the level of expert craftsmanship you need to make sure your stucco patch repair is done right. 

Our estimates make sense. See for yourself.

We pride ourselves on our excellent work, but also in our transparency and integrity. Ever hire a contractor and wonder what they’re doing behind the scenes, if they’re cutting corners, or if they’re cheaping out on materials? Thanks to our extensive video catalog of completed work, you can see us work from beginning to end on hundreds of projects just like yours. Our methods are effective and time tested.

We have no need to upsell and do not want folks paying for things they do not need. In fact, we often recommend more cost effective ways to solve problems, if we are aware of them. When we give you a bid, you can be sure it’s a fair estimate of what actually needs to be done – no more, no less.

As the local “stucco guys”, we’ll be completely honest with you in the recommendations we make. We’ll give you an estimate that is fair and reasonable, and give your Orinda home the TLC it needs.

Stucco Patch & Repair FAQs

As homes settle and shift over time, minor cracking in stucco are normal and common. Because the waterproofing layer is behind the stucco, minor cracks are typically cosmetic and nothing to worry about.

Often, small cracks can be repaired simply with a bead of caulking and repainting the area. We have many videos explaining this simple project and folks have done so with great success. We recommend you repair small cracks yourself, or hire a general handyman for this small and simple project.

If your cracks are over 1/8th inch wide or you have a large number of cracks there may be something going on behind the scenes that is worth investigating.

Often, horizontal cracks also indicate larger problems.

Typically, diagonal cracking from doors and windows is nothing to worry about.

Many times when a plumber or electrician needs to cut into your walls they will also include the cost of plaster or stucco repair into their bids. While you CAN have them do this for you, keep in mind their area of expertise isn’t cement work.

If you truly want as seamless a patch as possible, and a guarantee that every box is checked for ensuring a water-tight application, we suggest you also get a bid from a stucco applicator for the stucco patchwork needed. Why, you may ask? Well, would you go to a steakhouse and order the pasta? You’re better off hiring professionals for what they are professionals in. Hiring a licensed stucco contractor may cost a little more than having the plumber or electrician do it, but you will get the best quality work and outcome.

We have the #1 channel on YouTube teaching folks how to plaster. Our YouTube videos are watched internationally by contractors and homeowners to learn the techniques of the trade. That said, even a master craftsman can’t tie in every patch seamlessly. If anyone says “they have never found a texture they can’t match” – RUN! A plasterer’s got to know their limitations.  A lot depends on the existing conditions and texture we’re trying to match.

Sometimes the stucco patch is undetectable, sometimes you will notice a slight difference between the old and the new. We should be able to let you know ahead of time what to expect with our stucco repair. We are honest about our capabilities – be wary of anyone promising you the moon and the stars.

Sometimes due to a variety of circumstances – including the numbers of previous patchwork textures, if the area is colored stucco or painted, and how many layers of paint your home has – we may recommend retexturing the entire wall or home. This means we will break out what is needed, repair your stucco, and then spread a skim coat of new cement over the whole wall.

Think of it like giving the whole wall a facelift. Since the entire wall gets a new layer of cement applied, the stucco patches will perfectly blend into the old. Not only that, but you can choose a new texture for your home if you want. We can recommend a style that will fit your home’s aesthetic, beautifying your home while also raising your property value.

Holes and cracks in your stucco can feel a lot scarier than they really are. Because the waterproofing layer is below the cement, often the waterproofing isn’t affected by small imperfections or cracks.

When we give you a bid we will examine the problem and see if the waterproofing layer has been penetrated. If so, we are expert waterproofers and will repair the damaged area above and beyond industry standards. Then, we will apply the cement coat to repair your stucco like it never happened. Rest assured, we are experts at diagnostics and will ensure when we finish your project you won’t have any concerns of water intrusion.

If a stucco patch is performed by an untrained or unlicensed contractor, it’s possible they may not prep the area properly. If they do not break out any compromised stucco, or clean and prep the surrounding surface, it’s possible when they apply the stucco repair that it won’t adhere properly and will fail over time from sun or rain exposure.

Proper preparation is critical to make sure the new patch will stand the test of time, and not create future problems. When you hire a licensed stucco contractor, you can be confident it the repair will be correct the first time and you wont need to call them back again and again.

That said, sometimes a wall or ceiling has so many issues that we need to break out a significant portion of what’s there. We don’t want to do that unless it’s necessary, and sometimes it is. When we bid your project, we will let you know if you’re looking at a simple stucco patch repair or if removal and replacement is necessary.

For large interior projects it is often overkill to hire a stucco and plastering contractor as it is more cost effective to hang sheetrock or drywall. However, plasterers excel at making spaces spectacular. If you want something more unique than flat walls and are looking for that wow factor: textured plaster may be it. 

Send us photos of the area and we can almost always tell you from pictures alone what type of fix you need.