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Rapid set stucco patch and paint within two hours










Rapid set stucco patch and paint within two hours,

sometimes people are in a hurry for hundreds of reasons.

The rapid set stucco patch is the best for walls, plus it can be painted after only setting for two hours. The rapid set Mortar mix can also be used for walls and ceilings. However, it sets in 15 minutes, even fast for ole Kirk.
Would you believe this strength, when set in about an hour, is almost twice as strong as concrete?
It is, but remember the set time is really quick. The strength crazy strong can be used for just about anything.

Okay, folks, let’s review. Rapid sets Stucco patch is an accelerated hydraulic stucco that, when mixed, you can apply and paint in a couple of hours. It also has heavy sand, so if you’re trying to match a heavy sand finish, this is the stuff.

The rapid set Mortar mix is high-speed setting – hardens to structural strength in 1-hour.
The box says over 6,500 psi ultimate strength that is almost twice as much as concrete and three-time as strong as portland based stucco products.
On the box’s description, it’s written that it is crack-resistant. Ole kirk says this is probably true if it’s left in the boxes unmixed.😉

With all fast-setting hydraulic or Portland-based stucco, don’t overmix, 3 to 5 minutes, or it compromises the strength.

Now you Know.

In few more stucco patching videos, we thought you might enjoy stucco knockdown dash finish or texture. is repairing a wrong Plaster texture, stucco patch. Stucco Structural large cracking, no problemo, easy to fix. Plastering professionals teaching weekend warriors plastering.

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