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New acrylic stucco skim coating over the existing acrylic finish prevents ghosting or discoloration










New acrylic stucco skim coating over the existing acrylic finish prevents ghosting or discoloration.
We explain something important here: preventing ghosting or discoloring in your cementitious or acrylic new finish.

Another ghosting video,

Plastering apprentices who watch h us for tips, this is important, pay attention, or you will be returning to fix ghosting on your work.

Most plastering contractors don’t understand this critical message about colors or patches bleeding through their new stucco finishes. This applies to new windows, doors, letters being removed from buildings, old alarm systems or electrical panels, or anything removed on stucco walls with a cementitious finish or acrylic applied.

Suppose you think a new coat will blend in the original stucco color finish so that all is invisible. Think again. Unfortunately, in that case, this thought means you may need many more years before you can call yourself a well-rounder plastering professional.
Material knowledge is what takes over 20 years to learn and retain this valuable information.

I receive, on average, at least 2 comments a week on this channel about faulty workmanship on their stucco contractor’s new integrated color finish, asking for advice or can the color be fixed or repaired.

To refresh the color, we are applying a new acrylic stucco finish over a 30-year-old stucco acrylic finish.
However, more importantly, we apply the new acrylic to prevent ghosting with the newly installed window’s new surroundings.
We’re showing how to prevent ghosting when a newly installed door or window has been installed; the new stucco has to be coated at least once to match the same suction on the house, then another coat must be completed over the entire wall to prevent ghosting.
Ghosting means that anyone can tell that it’s a patch job; because the texture and color both ghost or are noticeable if a new finish is not properly applied.

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