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Apply a texture with the second coat of stucco mud










Apply a texture with the second coat of stucco mud.

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More unique or freestyle stucco textures are below. How to match all block walls with stucco. learn to match unique or freestyle stucco textures. How to match swirl or sweep stucco texture Matching Concrete Block Patches Match difficult or unusual interior plaster finishes.

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This video explains how to apply a second coat of stucco with a bit of class for imagination.
These folks thought outside the box and wished for a cementitious finish that was unique and different from their neighbors.
They wanted one which would blend too differs substrates into one.
Like most of you, they started with minor termite or wood damage. But, then, the removal escalated as, with older homes, unfortunately, many have parapets that don’t protect the wall from the winter rains.

Half of the home was previously tex-coat many years ago.
When the existing stucco was removed and repaired with the needed carpentry, we advised a solution to transform the new work into the existing tex coat.
We removed some of the failing or beat-up tex-coat by pressure washing and a lot of elbow grease. Thus after the scratch coat, we applied the second coat, or the brown coat, and applied the fish they chose out of many samples we applied elsewhere.

Yea, we perform the rough, dusty, and sometimes dangerous work of the world with stucco and common sense and labor, and we love it.

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Thank you all for watching, have a wonderful and exciting day!

Kirk & Jason Giordano
Kirk & Jason Giordano

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