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Can cracking stucco ruin your walls and your day, Caulking your number one investment or pay later










Howdy subscribers, below are all the basic tools we use and recommend on Amazon’s website.
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The best video online about caulking stucco is below. How do I know?
I created it for this purpose. Structural or large cracking on stucco walls, no problem.

Since I was just asked if Sikaflex 1A, which is an adhesive sealant, can be used, my answer is below.

There is no doubt that Sikaflex calking is one of the strongest calking in the USA. However, it’s not water-soluble or water cleanup-able, if that’s a word?
Thus, Sikaflex cannot be sponge floated.
Also, if sand is mixed and you try and feather it in, it won’t. It will just leave a sticky, nasty appearance. And stick to the float or sponge.

As this Mor-Flexx caulking with sand is working well for most, who try it on their exterior stucco walls. Undoubtedly, all caulking companies will now have stucco sand in the tubes in less than a year.
Quikrete’s caulking,
Mor-Flexx’s caulking,
Both are less expensive on Amazon.

Howdy, folks; as I’m saying in this video, for stucco textures or finishes, purchase or steal a tube of caulking with stucco sand in it.
What happens if you have cracks all over your walls?
Good question, The rain gets in eventually; if you keep on walking past them or avoiding filling them with caulking, they get larger, deeper, and wider. Why?
Another good question glad you asked.
The rain fills these voids and takes a long time to dry out, so it can and will rot the paper membrane while it’s drying out. This naturally occurs.
So the gap gets wider, then when it rains once more, instead of a thimble full or a cup full of rain, you can, in the coming winters, get a half-gallon or more through the disintegrating paper.

Then in the hot weather, the walls and paper membrane gets baked by the sun, like a potato in an oven.
Okay, so 5 for 6 years have gone by. The rain floods these cracks again but now passes through the disintegrated paper and is absorbed by the thirsty wood structure, which sucks it like a sponge seeking water in the desert.
Now the chain reaction follows. First, the wood swells like a bullfrog looking for a mate.
This action pushes the stucco outward faster and faster, again allowing more water in.
FYI, water inside stucco walls is not that great as it beats up the wood, then the inner insulation, then hustles toward the interior sheetrock and carpets, which brings mold, you get the idea?

Many may think now he’s exaggerating; next Friday’s video will prove that worst-case scenario.

In next week’s video, you will see what happens when you don’t understand or don’t notice so-called minor cracks in stucco walls.
In next week’s video, all the stucco had to be torn off, and many areas needed to have new wood as ole Mr. Rainy Day had its way with the cracks.

Could this little itty bitty crack cause that much damage? Sure, it could, but it takes time.
That time is like a roll of toilet paper; the closer you get to the end, the faster it goes.
This means the more time cracks aren’t caulked each season, it allows ten times the amount of water each season.

Now you Know.

Or you can take the five minutes and five dollars and caulk them, as seen in this video. Ya, mon.
This video is meant to save you guys some dough in the long run, or call my sons as I’ll be retired somewhere in an area where it is 90 degrees year-round. Kirk’s website and contact information. My son Jason’s Website or contact info.
Kirk & Jason Giordano’s worldwide online training class in caulking your number one investment in your home.

Thank you all for watching, and wishing all a beautiful day!

Can cracking stucco ruin your walls and your day?
Caulking your number one investment or pay later.

Kirk & Jason Giordano
Kirk & Jason Giordano

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