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Stucco acrylic vs.Traditional Stucco, Synthetic Stucco VS Traditional Stucco










Stucco acrylic vs.Traditional Stucco, Synthetic Stucco VS Traditional Stucco.
Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m explaining some details of acrylic stucco finishes versus traditional Stucco; note, folks.
BTW, synthetic Stucco is another name for Acrylic stucco. It’s the same stuff.

Hello Everyone, in this simple explanation video, I try to explain the most common difference’s between these two stucco finishes.

Cementitious or Acrylic Stucco, Acrylic stucco is often used for Synthetic Stucco, which means the same thing.

Either finish coat can be applied over a cementitious base coat.

Stucco color finishes are portland cement plaster mixed with colors and other additives such as plastics or lime. These color coat finishes are like a red brick as they keep their color forever, as the colors are integrated with the finish coat.

For this reason, a brick will darken when wet, and when dryer conditions occur (sunlight and or wind) will turn back to its original color.

There is a similar situation on a home when it rains and has a cementitious color finish. It darkens then lighten when dryer conditions occur (Maintenance Free Walls)
O.K., now take Acrylic stucco finishes, Acrylic stucco, and or Synthetic Stucco (same product, different names)

Acrylic finish coat stucco costs more, plus a primer is necessary for the finish coat. Usually, the acrylic Stucco is purchased from a specific brand of primer they recommend before the finished acrylic stucco. This primer is rolled onto the surface of the cement base coat or what we call the brown coat.

Acrylics are harder to apply cost more but flex more than conventional cementitious color finishes. These products don’t get darker when wet either as they are made of Acrylic paint, colors, sand, and or other additives.
They usually cost about 3 times more than cementitious or traditional color finishes.
When applying any acrylic stucco, you should first roll on or paint their recommended acrylic primer.

All acrylic Stucco is sold with unique primers that should be applied before the acrylic stucco finish.
What happens if you don’t apply the primer recommended for the acrylic stucco fish you purchase.
The acrylic can absorb too fast and be difficult to apply to cause a chain reaction such as unsightly texture transitions to form a uniform texture.
Plus color variations. Along with voiding your warranty. These are just some issues, so apply the primer recommended for your stucco acrylic.
Good stucco acrylics include Dry-vit, Carsons, Bmi, stucco-flex, and many others. Note, as a rule, you will pay two to three times the cash to have an acrylic stucco applied as that just for the extra cost for the material, plus having to paint the entire home with the primer.

Plus, it takes twice to three times the covering and cleans up for stucco acrylics.

The added cost does not go in our pockets but the materials and extra labor coats.
Thus I’m honest when I say we don’t care to apply these acrylics. How many have I used?
About 30 homes in the last 40 years.

If you are applying a Cementitious stucco finish, no primer is needed; however, you must create a
Mechanical bonding for Stucco, the videos below that explain the reasons.

When purchasing acrylic stucco, I’d recommend stucco-flex, Dry-Vit, Carsons, or the BMI used in this video for the longest-lasting acrylic stucco, which is actually waterproof.
As I’m a positive and rated G channel, I won’t get into some of the stucco acrylics that I would apply if given to me for free. Acrylic stucco finish, synthetic stucco finish. acrylic plastering, stucco acrylic’s for walls. cement stucco application, acrylic plastering. acrylics, how to prevent ghosting or discoloration. Fine sand finishing, synthetic sand stucco finishes.

Next, kick back, relax, and enjoy the video!
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